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Abulaiti Abudurexiti
Vice-Chairman of CPPCC
Jiang Zhenghua
Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 9th and 10th NPC
Cheng Siwei
Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 9th and 10th NPC
Kandeh K.Yumkella
Director-General of the UNIDO
Irina Bokova
Director-General of the UNESCO
Mohamed Aslam
Minister of Ministry of Housing and Environmental Protection of Maldives
Wang Yuqing
Vice Director of Committee of Population, Resources and Environment, Member of the 11th CPPCC
He Keng
Vice Chairman of Finance and Economic Committee of National People¡¯s Congress
Zhang Qiong
Deputy Chief of the Committee for Social and Legal Affairs of CPPCC, former Deputy Chief of Legal Affairs Office of the State Council
Edmond Alphand¨¦ry
Chairman of Euro50 Group, Former French Finance Minister
Guy Saint-Jacques
Ambassador-designate of Canada to China
Irene Giner-Reichl
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of the Republic of Austria
Imron Cotan
Ambassador of Indonesia to China
Mario Amano
Deputy Secretary-General of OECD
He Jiankun
Deputy Director of National Climate Change Expert Committee
Zhou Daoqiong
Former Chairman of CSRC, Board of Supervisor of CCB
Wei Jianguo
Secretary-General of China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE)
Wang Maolin
Deputy Director of Law Committee of the NPC
Hou Yunchun
Vice Director of Development Research Center of the State Council
Cai Esheng
Vice Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission
Liu Yanhua
Counselor of the State Council, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology
Che Shujian
Counselor of the State Council, Director-General of Architectural Society of China
Long Yongshu
Former Vice President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Monica Oliphant
Honorary President, former President of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
Dan E. Arvizu
Director of the US Department of Energy¡¯s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Christie Werner
Chairman of Biotechnology Advisory Board of Norway, former Minister of Department of Health and Social Affairs
Edward Clarence-Smith
Representative of UNIDO in China and Northeast Asia
Jon Li
IEEPA Secretary General
Ma Shengrong
Member of CPPCC National Committee
Erhard Busek
Former Vice Chancellor of Austria, Minister of Science
Klaus Radunsky
Director of Federal Environmental Agency, Austria
Carter Brandon
Director for Sustainable Development, China and Mongolia, World Bank
LeRoy Hollenbeck
Director of UNAPCAEM
Xia Geng
Mayor of Qingdao City
Abhimayu Singh
Representative of UNESCO in China
Ahmed Latheef
Ambassador of the Republic of Maldives in China
Tomikhin Evpeny
Minister, Counsellor of Russian Embassy to China
Gyula Fazekas
Minister, Deputy Consul of Hungarian Embassy in China
Baichorov Aleksandr
Minister of Belarus Embassy to China
Christophe Bahuet
Country Director of Representative Office in China, UNDP
John Milligan-Whyte
Chairman of America-China Cooperation Foundation
TAMURA Akihiko
General Manager of Japan-China Economic Association Beijing Office
Li Lin
Deputy Representative of WWF China
Michelle Lapinski
Director of Enterprise Action Department, TNC
Yang Ming
GEF Senior Climate Change Specialist
Michael Vonk
Director of Economic and Technology Cooperative Committee of APEC
Jozsef Steier
Chairman of Hungary Energy Association
Peter Bishop
Chief Representative of london Development Agency Beijing Representative Office
Steve Howard
Secretary-General of Global Foundation (Australia)
Tanay Sidki Uyar
Vice-Chairman of World Wind Energy Association
Neil Hawkins
Global Vice President of Dow Chemical
Zeng Xiwen
Vice President of Unilever China
Raphael Schoentgen
President of GDF SUEZ Group in China
Zou Gang
President of Applied Material China Co., Ltd.
Li Renjie
President of Industrial Bank. CO. LTD
Sam Hsu
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Greater China for Ecolab Inc.
Li Yanhong
Chairman of the Board, CEO of Baidu Inc.
Jin Biao
Executive Vice President of Inner Mongolia YILI Industrial Group Co.
Chen Tao
Vice President of China Everbright International Limited
Chang Dechuan
Chairman & President of Qingdao Port Group
Stephen Philip
General Manager of ANZ Bank
Vice President of Power Generation Group, Siemens
New York State Department SME Development Office
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Climate change is one of the most severe challenges humanity faces in the 21th century. WEC, founded in 2008, aims at advocating various countries to transform towards a green ecological development mode, cooperating with all walks of life, to jointly respond to climate change and deteriorating environmental problems in the course of human activities and economic development, via joint efforts and WEC platform, actively perform environmental protection mission and responsibility, and pay more contributions to economic transformation and low-carbon development.

-- Abulaiti Abudurexiti, Vice Chairman of 11th CPPCCC National Committee

The non-governmental "International Carbon-Value Award" was highly appraised by Mr. Ma Shengrong, who thought the appraisals have successfully push out numerous outstanding domestic and overseas companies in the first three appraisal activities. Green and low-carbon development need more widespread attention and public participation. Through case sharing, the award will serve as an effective way to improve social awareness, enhance media and public participation.

-- Ma Shengrong, former Vice President of Xinhua News Agency

Low-carbon development is not only a global revolution involving mode of production, life style, concept of values, national interest and human fate, but also a necessary choice for global economy transforming from high carbon energy source to low-carbon one.

-- Nicholas Stern, Former World Bank Chief Economist

The de-greening of the world is the most pressing issue facing mankind today. Every year many thousands of living species are destroyed, never to return to our globe. It is incumbent on the world to devise effective practical means to halt this destruction. This must be done not by grandiose declarations, but by providing appropriate incentives. I wish the fourth World Economic and Environmental Conference the best of success in addressing these challenging and difficult problems.

-- Robert J.Aumann, Nobel Laureate in economics

Through case sharing, more global enterprises can learn how to get hold of development chance and handling method in the process of environment protection and addressing climatic change challenge.

-- Terry Townshend, Deputy Secretary General (Policy) of GLOBE International

Capacity-building in the green and low-carbon fashion is a part of soft power. Future global economic competition is greatly embodied by that takes green and low-carbon technology and products as a kernel. Any one who has the courage to be an innovator will definitely take the lead in the economic growth. The best way to develop green and low-carbon economy is to combine innovation and market demand, domestic and foreign resources with policy guidance and support orientation. The setup of international carbon-value award aims to set a banner of green and low-carbon development for different industries, encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to become the best players. The award is also an effective social tool to keep an eye on enterprises' exploration of green and low-carbon practice."

-- Jon Li, IEEPA Secretary General

I do think that China is implementing a number of very interesting initiatives on low carbon development and I do hope that the results of this implementation will be very substantive and contribute to global sustainable development.

-- Stefanos Fotiou, Senior Regional Coordinator Resource Efficiency, United Nations Environment Programme

At present, sustainable development and low carbon green development are mainly displayed by the building and reforming of smart city. Energy-efficient building, water resources protection, disposal of municipal solid waste and pubilc transport all belong to the focus of the “International Carbon-value Award�sponsor which will select the outstanding case of project. Singapore is a good example in the field of smart city, and it possesses a good amount of technique that could be communicated and exchanged with China.

-- Seeram Ramakrishna, Vice President of National University of Singapore, Director Expert of IEEPA Expert Committee

"The right policy goals exist, now it is about public understanding, implementation and monitoring ...especially in the rural areas qualified personnel is needed for these tasks. The relation of SUSTAINABLE economic development and currently necessary sacrifices should be communicated on all levels...

-- Stephanie Christmann-Budian, Senior Scientist and Representative for China Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Member of IEEPA Expert Committee

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